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6th, 7th, 8th Grade Youth Formation Program

In the Fall of 2012 the parish launched a youth formation program for 6,7,8th grade students in our parish. The program provides seasonal activities which include social events and religious formation which involves parent participation. The primary goal of the formation program is to assist Catholic families with the challenging issues parents and teens face in the world today – peer pressure, closing the gap between parents and teens, intelligent dating, abortion, addictions, and self-worth. An annual summer retreat weekend kicks off the year’s formation programs that evolve over a 2 year process.

Social events provide a way to grow in fellowship with the youth of our Parish on a regular basis. Thus far we have enjoyed organizing field trips that have taken them to a haunted ship for Halloween, a UL football pre-game event and the football game, an evening social featuring Christian band music and their own Fatima student band, ice cream and pizza parties, and MUCH MORE to COME!

For information about our Youth Formation program please email Stephanie Supple at administrator@fatimalafayette.org .