Our Lady Fatima


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2319 JOHNSON STREET • LAFAYETTE, LA 70503 • PH (337) 232-8945 • FAX (337) 232-0323

Come, Lord Jesus Bible Study

Come Lord Jesus (CLJ) inspires and assists Catholics to live out the Gospel message to the fullest. Through weekly prayer meetings, prayer, and scriptural study, members are formed into ardent apostolic witnesses and dedicated parish ministers. The program is based on the three year cycle of Sunday readings; the group reflects upon one reading each week. Parishioners have the opportunity to become a member of an already existing Come Lord Jesus group or become a leader and resurrect a group of their own. To join or lead a CLJ group, please call the Parish office, 232-8945.

Current List of Come Lord Jesus Groups you may consider joining:

Give one of the leaders (listed below) a call to join!


Mondays 1:00pm (WOMEN): Susan Foret, 316.4932

Email: ssforet@usa.net

6:30pm (WOMEN): DD McElligott, 319.8866

Tuesdays 5:30pm (MEN): Art Mixon; contact by email only

Email: amixon@petroquest.com

6:30pm (WOMEN): Email: Stef.Buchholz1@gmail.com

Wednesdays 10am: Warren Stelly, 989.1611

Thursdays 6:00 am (MEN): Joe Wolf, 349.2645

6:00 am (MEN): Deacon Tim Maragos, 235.1521

Fridays 1:00 pm: Adele Connolly, 278.0531

Saturdays 8:00am: Anne Pesacreta, 739.5903

First Saturday: 9:00 a.m. after Mass & Rosary

Parish Representatives

Jill Jordan: 3375011147

DD McElligott: 3373198866